Yoga in St Margarets, Twickenham & Richmond

Watching Super Soul Sunday this morning, Gary Zhukov said:

“The sun doesn’t ask ‘how did I do today?’ Or say ‘I’ll do better tomorrow’. It just shines”

And that too is our job. Our purpose. To shine our light.

Yoga is a path to this light.

As we breathe and move we start to shed layers of physical, mental and emotional discomfort. As these layers shed, we become aware of a comfort, an ease, a peace. Sometimes just a fleeting moment, sometimes more. We also become aware of the discomforts themselves, and this is part of the process. To experience them, to know they are there, in order to begin the process of shedding them.

That feeling at the end of a yoga class, after the relaxation, where you feel calm and centred. That’s our core being. That’s what lies beneath the layers of mental, physical and emotional discomfort. It’s our light. It’s who we really are.

As we shed the layers that mask it, our light can start to shine more fully. Without being dulled by our insecurities. Without asking ‘am I good enough?’ ‘Do I have enough?’ ‘Did I do enough?’.

The light can just shine. You can just shine.




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