From time to time I invite other teachers to guide classes at the Eye Heart Yoga mothership in St Margarets.

I myself love to take classes with different teachers. We all bring our own unique experience, personalities and passions for Yoga to the classes we guide, and thus every class will be unique and offer an opportunity to go somewhere different in yourself and learn something new.

The usual online booking process applies to all Eye Heart Yoga St Margarets classes, including those with a different teacher.

Here’s a little bit about the teachers you might meet, with any dates they are currently arranged to cover.


Tobie Tomkinson

Tobie has been practicing the holistic arts of Yoga and Massage for over a decade. An ex-construction worker and athlete he was drawn to this world to help his chronic back condition and loves to help those with injuries. He has studied many types of body-work and pain & trauma-relief techniques, from Osteo-thai and fascial release to pyscho-therapy. He truly believes in working with people, in the present moment, to help expand, heal and enjoy.

Tobie is based in Goa, India for half of each year, running the Ashiyana Yoga centre. His work there includes leading Yoga Teacher Trainings & Retreats and guiding the diverse range of students that visit the centre for drop in classes over the course of each season.

Covering Classes: Monday 27th June, Wednesday 29th June


Amanda Wilkes website size Yogic philosophy tells us that yoga is a state of being. It occurs when our minds are still, free from the constant pull of our likes and dislikes, the light and dark of our personalities and our inner struggle to find a meaningful, sustainable and fulfilling life.

Through asana, pranayama, mudra and mantra Amanda’s classes are created to help you access this stillpoint, this wellspring of peace and equilibrium. Where yoga becomes something we feel rather than do, the place where everything that was fragmented heals and we become whole again.

Amanda weaves the history, philosophy and vibrant storytelling of the yoga tradition into all of her classes. She belives they are the key to understanding the human condition and provide us with a map for navigating our day to day lives with grace, joy and equanimity.

Covering Classes:


Clare Teed WebsiteI came to yoga in my 20’s, having danced as a child and into my teens. I always loved moving and stretching my body but treated yoga as just an exercise class, practising on and off with for nearly 20 years.  It wasn’t until a few years ago, having used yoga to get me through a difficult time, that I finally understood what a transformative, healing andcomplete practice it can be. Then I decided I wanted to learn more and share my love of this wonderfully ancient art and science.

I was drawn to Vinyasa Flow Yoga in particular because of its fluid, graceful qualities. It uses the breath as rhythm, just as dance uses music. I love the creativity it gives me, both as a student and a teacher.  It is precious in today’s busy modern life to experience the total immersion of body, breath and mind and just BE. It means time on my mat is a unique time of being totally engaged and present in the now, something we rarely allow ourselves in a world filled with distractions.

Covering Classes: Wednesday 11th May


Caroline website Caroline has practised yoga for 16 years and found yoga to help calm down her mind. Over the years Caroline has deepened her practise through the  Yoga Immersion Course with Tuesday McNeil, the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course and has qualified with Yoga Alliance with Louise Cashin.

Caroline has been fortunate to have been inspired by many local teachers including Helen, Nathalie, Marvin, Laura and Tim. She has been on a number of yoga retreats to Turkey and France and is about to embark on a retreat to Morrocco with Nathalie and Amanda. Caroline swims, cycles, goes to the gym and teaches at a local care home for the elderly, as well as doing cover locally in the Twickenham area.

Caroline’s Facebook page “Just Enjoy Yoga” says it all. Caroline welcome’s all ages, abilities, levels of experience to class and looks forwards to helping you get what you need on and off the mat.

Covering Classes: