The Eye Heart Yoga Manifesto

To support people in the local community to develop a committed Yoga practice that contributes to their wellbeing and happiness.

-To aid personal growth and empowerment through an informed, intelligent yoga practice.

To guide people in moving towards their potential.

To help people become more connected, fostering compassion and kindness that is extended out into their personal and working lives, into our local community, and beyond.


Yoga Studio Culture Vs Village Hall Culture

Finding the Eye Heart Yoga Way

Since I introduced the online bookings system, there has been a gradual decrease in advance bookings for classes. I call this a ‘Yoga Studio Culture’, whereby a majority of people book in on the day.

For a Yoga teacher operating independently, such as myself, the fluctuation in class numbers makes it difficult to plan classes, manage income, and know what spaces are available and thus whether I need to spread the word some more. It makes it difficult to adhere to the manifesto!

Some of you will remember when I only had the Wednesday evening classes and everyone had to book ahead, as they were full most weeks. There was a great sense of community, progression and I could plan classes accordingly as I knew who was coming.

It was never my intention with the introduction of Monday nights as well as the online booking system to reduce the number of advance bookings, and thus reduce the regular commitment to classes.

Most local Yoga and fitness classes operate what I call a ‘Village Hall Culture’– meaning classes run termly and a commitment to the whole term is required. There are good reasons for this, including ensuring room hire can be paid, a living can be earnt and other related costs can be met. As well as the sense of community and evolving people’s yoga practices.

I do however understand that we all need some flexibility! So it is my intention to find a middle ground. To flex from a more stable base, instead of flexing from flux 😉

I am aiming for something between a Village Hall and a Yoga Studio Culture. The EYE HEART YOGA WAY!

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How will this help you?

When it comes to our Yoga practice, if we wait and see how we FEEL on the day, there will always be a reason not to go. It goes hand in hand with the very reason we come to Yoga. To FEEL different. To shift something. To replete our Prana (our life’s energy).

If you don’t commit you might…

– spend that extra half an hour at your desk (and actually you totally could have been more efficient earlier in the day knowing you HAD to be out the door on time for Yoga)

– Cop out cos it’s raining/you’re too tired/having a fat day/insert other and would rather be on the sofa

– Arrange drinks with a friend cos there’s nothing in the diary this Weds, and Yoga will always be there next week (then before you know it 2 months have passed and your class pack is about to expire)

None of this makes for a sustainable, life enhancing yoga practice. It’s our nature as human beings to find a get out clause. To luxuriate in the reasons not to do the things that are good for us. I am no different. Believe me!

In my experience, Yoga has benefitted me the most in my life when I have made it a priority. When I have committed to a regular class, put it in my diary, and made it a part of my routine.

Of course, sometimes things happen, life gets in the way, and we really can’t stick with that routine, and that’s ok. It’s legitimate. But we need to find the middle ground between being flexible and compassionate with ourselves when we need to, and listening to our own excuses for not doing something.

Through doing the SATI course recently with my teacher Raphan, I have come face to face with some of my own excuses! I have become more accountable for my choices and actions and am learning to see where I am letting myself off the hook and doing myself a disservice.

I teach yoga to help make people’s lives better. And it’s why you practice. Because you want, in some way, to feel better.

Yoga not only helps sustain us weekly, but it builds resilience for when things get really tough. It’s when we don’t need it the most that we need to continue to practice, so that when we really do need it our reserves are in the tank. We are ready.

By having a better idea who is coming to class each week, I can plan classes that better serve YOU. There will be through lines that run throughout the term, weaved together with my own special brand of magic! You’ll sense your own progression, know what you’ve learnt, feel how you’ve grown, and we’ll be doing this together.

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