Eye Heart Yoga is a community of Yoga classes, workshops, retreats and inspiration, created to support people on their journey through life.

My name is Nathalie, and I began creating Eye Heart Yoga in 2012, after qualifying as a Yoga teacher.

I realised very early on in my teaching journey that it’s possible to run around London teaching many different classes to lots of different people, without truly connecting with people on an individual level. I knew this wasn’t the route for me, and that’s what I started Eye Heart Yoga.

I want to connect with people, to be part of something meaningful, to get to know people in my local community and make a contribution to the happiness and wellbeing of others.

It is my vision, through the practice and teaching of Yoga, to guide and inspire people towards living happy, capable lives. We all have the ability to cultivate the strength, awareness and tools to fulfill our true potential. It is possible to move through our days with kindness & compassion, ease & peace, joy & courage. By supporting and nurturing ourselves and others, we can each live a life we love, and have a positive rippling effect on the world as we do so.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this online home of Eye Heart Yoga!