Yoga in St Margarets, Twickenham & Richmond

Approach to Yoga

Eye Heart Yoga classes connect with individuals and take them on a journey. Combining movement with breath to find space and ease in the body and mind.

Curiosity, exploration, awareness and learning are all encouraged. This can be empowering, as you begin to understand your own body better, what you are capable of, and what yoga means to you as an individual on any given day and in any given mood.

A focus on breath and alignment helps to develop that ‘in the moment’ feeling. Through yoga, a deeper awareness of your physical and mental responses and experiences is cultivated, and as awareness grows, more conscious choices can be made. Choices that feel better!

With a regular yoga practice, as little as just once a week, an increase in physical and mental strength, flexibility and stamina can be witnessed.

The approach of Eye Heart Yoga nurtures acceptance and kindness towards yourself. As this becomes easier, so does acceptance of others and of life as a whole.

In class, sometimes we flow slowly and sometimes more quickly. There is movement and stillness. Challenge and relaxation. A class is, in itself, a journey.

Yoga helps us to evolve and fulfil our potential. It brings vitality and balance into life. Yoga creates space, and in this space we can find contentment.

Eye Heart Yoga shares yoga in an authentic and vibrant way, in the hope that it inspires people and brings magic into their lives.

Enhance Your Life Through Yoga!

Eye Heart Yoga

See, Feel, Be.

2 Responses to “Approach to Yoga”

  1. Jorian Murray

    Hello, I was given your name by Fleur Van Zonneveld who teaches me Yoga in Amsterdam. I am looking for an equivalent teacher to practice with when I am in London – most Friday,s & weekends. I live in Muswell Hill North London so Acton/Richmond is a bit far away. Do you have and Yoguc friends in my neck of the woods that I could reach out to? Thanks in advance for any help. Jorian Murray

    • YogaNat

      Hi Jorian. I am sorry I never replied to this. I would recommend Sadhaka Yoga centre – it’s in Camden. Best wishes,


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